4th - 5th of November

Showcase & Job Fair

Do you struggle to find new talents and have open vacancies or showcase your product?
This is the right place to find new team members and build your reputation amongst developers from Slovakia and beyond!

We are getting ready for the next year

Showcasing your games
  • Best showcased games receive thousands of EUR in in services and awards
  • Present your game and meet with publishers and investors
  • Get feedback from developers and our passionate audience
Brand awareness
  • Your company will be added to partners of Game Days 2022
  • Your company name will be mentioned in all our marketing materials
  • You will get a happy hour shoutout for your stand during the event
  • Your trailer or company ad will be included in our online stream
Better candidates
  • Job fair will be advertised at technical and arts schools in Slovakia to promote job opportunities with specific skills as programing and graphics
  • With the focus of this event we attract professional community 
  • Recruiting round table with your selected company representatives 
Face to face interaction and networking
  • Open access for all attendees to discuss work opportunities at the Job Fair area
  • Presentation of games in-person to show gameplay and other unique features
Access to candidate profiles and portfolios, advertising open positions
  • Companies at Job Fair will be provided with portfolios of selected attendees that actively seek jobs before the event start
  • Your job listings will be added to our Jobs wall

After party access for all presenters