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Pencil Rendering in Photoshop

Jens Claessens

In this workshop, Jens will show you how he creates digital sketchbook pages using the simplest of tools, a single pencil brush. To show you we do not need hundreds of fancy brush packs, just our own imagination!

Legal implications of AI tools usage for Game Developers (ENG)

Lukáš Mrázik, Kinstellar

Workshop hosted by legal experts from Kinstellar law firm. In this session, we will delve into the legal implications that game developers may encounter when utilizing AI tools in their game development processes. From intellectual property concerns to data privacy and contractual agreements, this workshop aims to provide game developers with essential insights to ensure legal compliance and mitigate potential risks.

Having Fun with the Shapes of the Face

Remi Jacquot

Remi Jacqout will show how to simplify enough human faces to get the most fun and expression out of it, so your characters can be full of personality. Remi is a concept artist and illustrator at Sixmorevodka.

How to Market our PC and Console Premium Games (ENG)

Petr Poláček, Marketing Manager, Nine Rocks Games

Join us for an engaging 2-hour workshop led by Peter Polacek, the Marketing Manager of Nine Rocks Games studio, as he shares valuable insights on effectively marketing PC and Console Premium Games. Whether you’re an indie developer or part of a larger studio, this workshop will provide you with actionable strategies to reach your target audience, build anticipation for your game, and maximize your game’s success in a competitive market.

Portfolio review

Monika Palosz

Receive personalized feedback and tips from Monika Palosz to elevate your skills and boost your portfolio. Monika is a freelance artist working on various projects including Legends of Runterra.

Figure drawing

Capture the wonderful flow, gesture and movement of the human body during our figure drawing session.

How to pose characters with design

Gerald Parel

Gerald parel will teach you how to correctly pose a character with design so your characters wont feel stiff again. Gerald is an illustrator and comic artist, he worked for clients like SIXMOREVODKA, Riot Games , Marvel etc.
Applying for Creative Europe Grants for Digital Games (ENG)

Aleksandar Gavrilović, Gamechuck, Creative Europe

In the workshop, participants will gain insight into the application process to the Creative Europe grant for videogames, the award structure, tips and tricks, and other details such as navigating the application website and the procedure from application to the project finish. There will be successful and unsuccessful examples shown, and participants will be able to discuss their own projects and how best to prepare them. Aleksandar Gavrilović is the director of the indie game development studio Gamechuck, and has been awarded the Creative Europe grant for the Development of Video Games for 2019 and 2022, funded by the European Union. He has also been helping several studios prepare the documentation and creative dossier for the application. He has worked as a mentor for the Spielfabrique accelerator in 2023 and is the general secretary for the Croatian Game Developers Alliance in the period 2021-2023 where they are participants in a HORIZON project, also funded by the European Union. He has worked as a producer for several games, most recently Paws of Coal which released in May 2023.

Zásady správneho vyúčtovania herných projektov v FPU + zmeny pre 2024 (SVK)

Veronika Fifíková, Fond na podporu umenia

Zástupcovia FPU počas prezentácie predstavia najzásadnejšie zmeny v programe 1.7, určenom na tvorbu herného multimediálneho diela. Zároveň v krátkosti predstavia hlavné body daného podprogramu. Prezentácia bude primárne zameraná na správny postup pri vyúčtovaní podporených projektov a naplnenie všetkých povinných zmluvných náležitostí a povinných výstupov v rámci pridelenej podpory. Prezentácia bude vychádzať z Príručky pre vyúčtovanie a vecné vyhodnotenie projektu FPU a zo zmluvne stanovených podmienok, no zároveň budú predstavené aj konkrétne príklady nedostatkov, ktorých sa úspešní žiadatelia dopúšťajú. Možná bude verejná konzultácia počas prebiehajúcej prezentácie alebo osobné konzultácie po jej skončení.

Sensor-based Full Body Motion Capture Workshop with Movella, Manus, and Facegood

Hasret Cem BİÇER and Alper GÖKHAN, Sense4Motion

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a hands-on and comprehensive understanding of sensor-based full-body motion capture technology. It will focus on the integration and practical application of three leading technologies in the field: Movella for body tracking, Manus for hand tracking, and Facegood for facial animation and tracking. Participants will learn how to set up, calibrate, and use these technologies effectively to capture realistic human motions for digital games development and other applications.

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